Here Comes The Flood
Here comes the flood Rivers of mud, baby Here comes the quake Evacuate while you still can Here comes the fire Our funeral pyre, baby Here comes the flood Here comes the blood bath Here comes the fly Fifty foot high, baby Here comes the war More blood and gore Than you can stand Here comes the race From outer space, baby It's all over We're all gonna die If the good Lord had intended me to live in L.A. he'd given me a machine gun. Still, here I am, just another worried little citizen of this modern-day Pompeii waiting for the melt-down, the show-down, the great American close-down. When that fault-line that runs right through society's fabric finally snaps and the whole damn thing starts unravelling. Why watch the sports channel when you can watch C.N.N.? Ladies and Gentlemen, the greatest race in history, the race to end all races, in fact the race to end history. In lane one - the San Andreas Fault, in lane two - Global Recession, in three - El Nino, in four - Chemical War, lane five - Inter-Racial Conflict, lane six - Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome. On your marks. Get Set. Wait for it.......... Go! Here comes the flood Rivers of blood, baby Here comes the bomb It wont be long 'Til we're all gone Here comes the sun Run baby run, baby If you believe all that you read You'll know the end is nigh We're gonna die!!