In Your Room
As she falls down and hurts her head She's lying still but she's not dead Awakens slowly, sees a picture of herself On the wall as she gets up Straightens her dress and calls me up She says: "I know now, I'm a whole now. Can you come?" In your room Where both of you are talking Your good side and your bad Discussing who has better hair In your space I hear four feet walking And there are two more knocking In case you're wondering I'm still on your side As she embraces all of me I want her only to need me It doesn't matter what I tell her because she changes Her mind before she speaks And tends to talk before she thinks But how I love her I know there's truth for you somewhere If I were wise I'd take you there But I'm not, at least not yet So I'll be watching you instead In your room, in your room In your room I can wander around forever And I recognise the color of the walls that we painted In your chair That I broke because I was careless I can sit and watch you dance around My words are spoken, I am on your side My words are spoken, I am on your side In your room